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Amanda has been a competitive athlete since the age of 11. Whilst competing in dance, hockey and swimming; track and field athletics is her main sport. She has competed for her county and over the years has been in the National rankings for the 600m, 800m and 400m hurdles.

In addition to being an athlete Amanda is a qualified official and coach specialising in endurance events and is part of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight county athletics coaching days team. This combination of competitive and coaching experience allows her to relate to the demands of the sporting environment.

Amanda undertook her MSc. in Sport and Exercise Science (Sport Psychology) in 2000. After this time she enrolled onto the professional governing body’s (The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES)) Supervised Experience programme. Since her successful accreditation in 2005 Amanda has worked with a number of individuals in sports such as speedway, track and field athletics, golf, Irish dancing and tennis to name just a few. She has also worked with teams from football to volleyball as well as organisations such as England Athletics. Amanda engages with athlete’s parents, coaches and officials as part of her belief that sport psychology can be of benefit to anyone involved in the organisation, running and participation of sport.

Amanda is currently undertaking her PhD in the area of sport psychology where she is looking to understand track and field coaches’ diffusion and adoption of applied sport psychology. Within her research Amanda is interested in understanding the decision making processes that all those involved in sport go through when deciding whether or not to implement sport psychology and the factors which impact upon this.

Continuously seeking to merge practical experience with academic knowledge Amanda aims to help her clients define and achieve their goals and aspirations.  Based on her educational and professional qualifications Amanda seeks to provide useable information that can be translated into optimal performances.

  1.     Certified HeartMath Practitioner

  2.     Level 2 Certificate in
    Counselling Concepts

  3.     Premier IQ Gym Instructor                     

  4.     ILAM GP Referral Certificate

  5.     YMCA Mental Health & Physical Activity

  6.     Pulse Indoor Cycling Instructor

  7.     (PCT) Smoking Cessation Advisor

  8.     Pacesetters Athletic Leaders Award

  9.     UKA Coaching Award Level One

  10.     UKA Coaching Award Level Two (awaiting certification)

  11.     UKA Field Official

  12.     Hockey Leaders Award

  13.     Hockey Coach Level One

  14.     F.A. Club Coach Level One

  15.     Inclusive Fitness Initiative Level 1 Disability Equity Training 

  16.     Concept 2 Instructor (indoor rowing)

  17.     Shokk Instructing Young People in Gymnasiums

  18.     F.A. First Aider

  19.     ActiveIQ Sports Massage Therapy

Amanda’s professional qualifications:

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