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The sporting environment is one that is dynamic, fast paced and ever changing. Being that little more prepared than other performers can be the difference between winning and losing.

Creating and maintaining a positive environment that allows an athlete and their support networks to thrive can therefore be the foundation blocks for optimal performances. Fulfilling and supporting someone’s potential whether it is an athlete, coach, official or parent requires not only a healthy body but also a strong mind. Sport psychology can therefore help all those involved in sport minimise and manage the gap between training and performing. Furthermore mental management can ensure thoughts; feelings and emotions are optimised in pressured situations. Thus the provision of intervention strategies can keep the communication channels between body and mind open because when the mind is calm and in control it can demand the same from the body.

‘Get ahead’ is about taking an athlete-centred, client focused approach when working with clients to plan, devise and implement a holistic approach to training and competition. Each client is treated as an individual ensuring they receive a personalised intervention programme based on the client’s aims, objectives and aspirations. Working alongside clients, get ahead facilitates the mental, behavioural and emotional development of clients. Using a variety of established techniques from cognitive-behavioural theories of psychology to Heartmath techniques we seek to gain an understanding of the client’s needs in order to develop appropriate mental skills in order to cope effectively with the demands and influencing factors upon training and competition.

Get ahead seeks to help clients;

  1.   Explore & understand the factors affecting performance

  2.   Bring consistency to training & performance

  3.   Provide tools to enhance performance

  4.   Develop and mature in their understanding of the competitive environment

  5.   Optimise body and mind in all aspects of training and performance


Get ahead; optimise your body, optimise your mind. Leave the rest behind...

Amanda Wilding

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