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John Wooden

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When looking for a consultant who is appropriately qualified in their relevant field. Look out for BPS Chartered, BASES Accredited or equivalent. This ensures your consultant has undertaken appropriate training both academically and practically in order to attain the minimum standards as laid out by the regulatory bodies.

All consultants work in different ways so ensure your personalities match as you need to be as open and honest as possible and feel comfortable  with them if the intervention is to a be success. Furthermore the philosophy of the consultant will influence the work they do so during your initial assessment ensure you ask questions about the types of session you will undertake.

As a consultant Amanda will take you on a journey widely known as the consultancy process. This is a framework which guides the relationship, structure and content of the intervention programme. It ensures the sessions you will experience are logical, structured and purposeful. During the initial assessment Amanda will talk to you about the flow and coverage of material so that you have an expectation of how many weeks you will initially undertake.

Amanda works with a range of ages, abilities and sports covering athletes, teams, parents and referee’s on a one to one, face to face, group workshops, email, telephone and skype basis. Sessions are built around the client’s needs and lifestyle; timings, regularity of meetings and length of sessions are discussed in the first meeting. 

Other available services:

  1.   Personal Training

  2.   Emotional Regulation

  3.   Exercise Participation

  4.   Athletic Coaching